A Word from the Owner

Dear Visitor!

Thank you for visiting our website, I welcome you to visit the gyms and get started on your health and fitness journey. Nutrition plays a major role to help you achieve your muscle gain or fat loss goals. We have devised a special 360 fitness idea which takes care of your membership, personal training and sports nutrition plan which will help you to achieve your fitness goal-whatever it may be. I will be glad to hear from you for your fitness needs or for any business association!

Our promise is to deliver to you world class service to support you to achieve your goal.

* Fitness sessions *

You will get the following in these sessions

Day 1 and Day 2 - Measurements/ Fitness Assesments/ Goal setting and Medical History Evaluation

Fitness sessions will include exercises for maximum weight loss and muscle building as per scientific principles.

Every 14 days Reassessment of measurements and goal

Feedback mechanism after every session

Variety of online sessions regularly as a bonus

*Diet Monitoring System*

Day 1 - Diet assessment and Recall plus medical history evaluation

Day2- Diet plan will be given

Well balanced nutritious meals and detox diets or low carb diets will be prescribed by our well qualified nutritionists as per requirement.

Follow up diet plan every 2 days

Constant weight monitoring everyday and Change of diets for weighloss

*These are promised outcomes of the Program *

You will discover the various components of fitness and will be able to do the day to day tasks very easily

You will experience high energy levels during the day

You will gain ability of dealing with emergency situations in your life with more ease

You will experience a new way of eating and managing your meals

You will be able to accomplish your ideal body weight to look and feel good

You will experience that your quality of sleep will improve.

Live your life with more power freedom and peace of mind

Ankur Arora

Ankur Is The Founder Owner Of La Fitnesse. He Is A Qualified Fitness And Sports Nutrition Specialist And Regularly Counsels Members On Their Workouts And Nutrition Programs. He Has also done his Executive Program In Business Management From IIM Calcutta and has been in the industry for 10 years. Members and Visitors can get in touch with him on ankur@lafitnesse.com