Fitness FAQs

Exercising from a long time does not guarantee you results! Are you doing the right kind of workouts that will help you to lose weight or not needs to be seen. Also what kind of a nutrition plan are you following? Combination of Scientific Workouts along with a Sports Nutrition Diet will help you to achieve your weight loss goal. And actually we are talking about Fat Loss here not weight loss!
The correct approach would be not to count calories. As calories from different food sources might be the same! You need to eat the right kind of foods irrespective of calorie count so that you can be healthy and achieve your weight loss goal.
Why should you exercise only if you're fat? There are many components of fitness and body composition is only one of them. You need to ensure that you exercise to prepare yourself for the day to day tasks and emergencies of life that you can come across and be ready to perform when you need to.
Yes you may consume protein shakes when you exercise because it will help you to absorb the proteins faster in the body to help with growth and repair. Also the overall diet needs to be monitored and the plan for the whole day needs to be followed to meet your overall nutrient requirements.
You can do an alternate day cardio and weight training for your weight loss goals. Weight loss actually means fat loss. Weight training helps you to increase the BMR (basal metabolic rate) of your body more than cardio exercise. Doing excessive cardio exercises can lead to muscle loss which can reduce your BMR!
Again fat loss from your tummy and overall fat loss can be achieved by combining the right exercise program along with the right nutrition plan. You cannot lose belly fat by doing unlimited crunches!
No. You don't have to starve for your weight loss goals. You need to eat right.

80% of your FAT LOSS comes from your diet and not from exercise! Exercise will help you to improve on all components of your fitness and improve your well being. For your body composition the diet that you take will be crucial for your success.

Focus on Food quality not calories. Eating the right foods that will help you improve your BMR will get you better results than focusing on a low calorie diet!

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Ankur is the Owner of la fitnesse and also a qualified exercise and sports nutrition specialist.